Work in Use is a Providence, Rhode Island based design studio committed to the production of high-end movement tools. Unlike generic fitness equipment, these objects redefine how we think about form, materials, and aesthetics in our practice. Elevating these objects enhances our experience of using them and encourages us to incorporate movement into our everyday life. The objects are meant to be used and displayed in the home, not hidden away but celebrated in their craft and materiality. Work in Use was founded by Wu in 2019. Each piece is handmade with an attention to detail in our studio and in collaboration with a community of fabricators in New England.

Wu is passionate about creating an active community of movers who are inspired by good design. Wu has a background in graphic design from the University of Texas and an MFA in Furniture Design from Rhode Island School of Design. She has been a movement practitioner studying the Ido Portal Method since 2016. As a designer and a woman, she is interested in reframing the way we understand our practice by looking at softness, shape and touch.